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Roll Gay Role Play

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May 10, 2024

Four Orc Mothers compete for the fab title of Olmaricya's Next Top Orc Mommy! Their strength, wit, charm, and social graces will be put to the test through a series of challenges in a pageant that will show the world what it means to be an Orc Mommy.

This is PART ONE of our Mother's Day Special. Check out PART TWO on the Dungeons & Drimbus feed here or wherever you listen to podcasts. This special was played on the Orc Mommies one shot RPG available on our Patreon!

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Cast Brandle Conley (Caucasia Breckenridge), Giancarlo Herrera (Kil Karsmashian), Jonathan Washington (Pisslilly Bloodreign), Michael Pisani (Bertha Rose Leeman), Hannah Schooner (MM)(Editing/Sound Design)