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Roll Gay Role Play

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Dec 21, 2022

RGRP is back for a holiday one shot. We revisit our friends in Picturesque, Colorado to solve a dasterdly murder

Nov 1, 2022

The final day of our Olympic games has arrived. Who will win the coveted gold medal? Will it be B.A.E., Rux, X'Stasha, or L'in Spectre St. Tite? 

Oct 25, 2022

Day three of our Olympic Games begins. Today, we test the players' Dungeons and Dragons knowledge as well as the characters' baking skills

Oct 11, 2022

Our competitors are back and ready for action as they take on the most frustrating events so far. Today's games include the Biland Games, Codebreaker, and a game of BS. 

Oct 5, 2022

Here's your first look at the new characters for the upcoming season. Meet Lin Spectre St-Tite, X'Stasha Felzar, Rux Baldacchino, and B.A.E. as they compete for the coveted RGRP gold medal. Day one events include Archery Impterruption, The   Sacrifice, and Lizard One Racing featuring lizard racers Deer Taxi,...